URBAN HACKS Location-aware AI & Insights for a better living!
We design & implement geo-enabled, interactive,
citizen-centered, smarter digital solutions
for a better living environment.
Artifimapp is a map based web application empowered by AI. It provides ready-to-use deep learning models to acquire location aware data from aerial & satellite images.
Artificam is an intelligent camera sofware, capable of processing shapes, colors and objects. It acquires geo-tagged data from camera images, videos and 360 panorama images by working with Artifimapp. It has advanced image processing capabilities to get detailed urban data & spatio-temporal patterns.
Linked is a device management platform to real-time monitor IoT devices on the field. It helps organizations to track the status & health of their devices, manage their actions, monitor maintenance.
GISherlock is a cyber security tool that provides artificial intelligence-assisted vulnerability scanning in GIS based applications.
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